The NHN background is in fraud investigation, organised and systematic crime investigation, electronic security, surveillance, security portfolio management and security manpower. NHN are capable of servicing most industries and markets throughout Australia.

Our significant growth as a company has been directly attributable to our operative’s expertise and commitment to providing professional, ethical and efficient customer service.


NHN Corporate Risk Management is regularly engaged by businesses large and small to provide advice on areas of crisis and risk management. We continually adhere to AS/NZS 4360-2004 national standard requirements. With our extensive experience servicing corporate Australia our licensed security consultants are well equipped to assist you with:
Security risk assessments and evaluations
Risk management policy development and implementation
Risk management training
Corporate security consultancy
Security design and implementation
Policy review, design & implementation
Crisis management planning
Corporate training in fraud control
Industrial relations support
Management Support programs which work to reduce your organisations exposure to risk and ensure compliance with industry legislation
Emergency and evacuation procedures
Probity checks
Customer satisfaction surveys
Loss prevention policy & audit
The main reasons why there should be a robust risk management framework in place are to:
Achieve benefits and exploit opportunities
Achieve and demonstrate true corporate governance
Avoid the impact of failure
Demonstrate conformance to best practice
Comply with legal and regulatory requirements
Manage suppliers and ongoing services
Control acquisition of new products or services
Manage external changes in culture
Maintain business continuity


A key factor is to meet the needs of corporate governance. Corporate governance is the ongoing activity of maintaining a sound system of internal control to safeguard shareholders' investment and the company's assets. The ability of the organisation to limit its exposure to risk will also be relevant. An accurate assessment of the risks in a given situation needs to take place, and so does analysis of the potential benefits.

A certain amount of risk taking is inevitable, and even to be encouraged, if an organisation is to achieve its objectives. Objective management and acceptance of risk helps to improve performance by contributing to:
Increased certainty and fewer surprises
Better service delivery
More effective management of change
More efficient use of resources
Better management at all levels through improved decision making
Reduced waste and fraud, and better value for money
Management of contingent and maintenance activities.


As a major supplier of professional services to business corporations, NHN is known for its commitment to providing ethical and reliable investigative and surveillance services, process service, security and pre employment screening. Our wealth of qualified investigators and experienced management means we pride ourselves on our ability to get results. The professional approach used by NHN combined with our integrity has built us strong relationships with our clients who know we conduct our activities with the highest discretion and confidentiality

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